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Being Environmental

Environmental Policy Statement

Trenchless Group is fully committed to undertaking our works in a responsible manner that achieves and maintains the highest environmental standards. We appreciate the importance of the environment around us and, recognising this, we are proud that much of our work is delivering projects that actually improve the environment.

We recognise that we need to continue to improve our environmental performance. In everything we do compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice, specific industry requirements and our own cardinal rules is the minimum acceptable level of performance.


1 Management and Leadership

  • Directors and Senior Managers will provide visible leadership in Environmental matters and consider the environment as an integral part of the business


2 Managing Risk

  • Trenchless group will assess our activities to minimise impacts from significant environmental aspects including:
    • Waste
    • Releases to water
    • Contamination of land
    • Nuisance and amenity
    • Emissions to air
    • Carbon emissions
    • Archaeology and local history
    • Wildlife


3 Working with Employees

  • All employees will be actively encouraged to engage in environmental training and awareness programmes


4 Working with Suppliers and Subcontractors

  • Subcontractors’ capability and competence in environmental matters will be assessed and continually monitored


5 Setting Plans and Targets

  • Targets will be reviewed and set annually for both leading and lagging Environmental issues
  • Improvement plans will be developed, implemented and monitored to support this policy and drive continual improvement.


6 Effective Procedures and Guidance

  • The environmental management system will be maintained and developed as a comprehensive guide to our people of working practices and procedures


7 Reporting/Reviewing and investigating

  • The in-house team of will be maintained and developed to provide support across the company
  • Performance will be reported, measured and reviewed against targets to identify deficiencies and drive improvement
  • Incidents and near misses will be reported and analysed/investigated to learn lessons and feedback improvements


8 Effective Assurance via Auditing

  • The in-house advisory team will carry out regular inspections to check compliance with our management systems
  • We welcome audits by customers as an opportunity to learn and improve


  • Acclaim Accreditation

  • Achilles UVDB Verified

  • Constructionline Gold

  • SSIP