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13th March 2023

The EasyDrill FD10-G is Off to Its New Home in Irelandā€¦🇮🇪 👋🏽

The EasyDrill FD10-G is off to its new home in Irelandā€¦🇮🇪 👋🏽
If youā€™re looking to move from impact moling to directional drilling then this is the perfect mini HDD to make that transitionā€¦
This piece of kit is smaller, lighter and more versatile that the leading market rivals, with a lot more torqueā€¦
The EasyDrill can be pit or surface launched and with a complete package weight of less than a tonne, it can be transported in a transit van or pick up truckā€¦
If youā€™re interested in saving Ā£Ā£Ā£ā€˜s without compromising power then get in touch for more informationā€¦
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