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3rd March 2023

For Sale!!

For Sale!!
The 16-inch (40cm) HammerHead HB125 static pipe-bursting system offers contractors one machine that is versatile enough to replace a wide range of water, sewer and gas pipelines ranging from 150 to 500 mm in diameter.
The Hammerhead Hydroburst HB125 static pipe burster comes along with a P70 hydraulic pack, 750-mm diameter expander and a 550-mm diameter expander.
Designed with production in mind, the HB125 offers 113 t of pulling force. A simple one-person operation, with on-board rod basket and 19 second rod payout, the HB125 has five hydraulic stabilizers for leveling and rear jack adjust to place the machine on grade and aligned with the existing utility. Adjustments can be made during the burst as conditions change without stopping the bursting process.
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